Tuesday, June 24, 2014

RomCon 14 :: Traveling With Peter, Day Two

RomCon is all about the parties! Friday started out with Bridal Shower Mania. Peter was up bright and early so he could attend. Now, I was all about this thing when I could hide behind Twitter. But to take Peter in hand and attend a party? Who wants to be known as the cock chick?

I tossed him in my bag and hoped for the best. The group of authors hosting Bridal Shower Mania with me were a fun bunch, but I kept Peter under wraps. That is, until Suzanne Graham started the purse game. You know, the shower game where you divide into teams and try to collect twenty items on a list from your purses. Lipstick, tissues, nail file... vibrator anyone?

Peter rose to the occasion for that one. Slapped his suction cup right on the table and he started making friends for the rest of the party. We made sure to let everyone know they could take home one of Peter's 100 brothers from Chocolate Mangasm on Saturday night.

We headed to the next party, The Naked Hero. I thought Peter might be needed, but some things are better left to the imagination. At the Readers Crown luncheon. Romance Rekindled was nominated for best erotica, but didn't get the trophy. 

After that, Peter wanted to see more of Denver. But given the location of the hotel, the only field trip available was to the liquor store. Lynda Aicher & I grabbed some giveaways for the book signing that night, as well as some liquid courage.

Peter was much more interested in the pals Carrie Ann Ryan was passing out. Lynda Aicher brought Paul, Peter's brother, to the book signing, so I left him in the room. After all, she did arrange to bring his whole family here from China. 

I wonder what Peter has in mind for the final day of RomCon...

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