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Thursday 13 :: Jenna Allen

Why yes, I am sharing the Thursday 13 I did for Jenna Bayley-Burke's lightning author interview. And by I, I mean Jenna in ever incarnation. Anyone else get confused by pennames?

  1. Latest release? Passion Revealed
  2. In the hottest scene...kisses or condoms? Since my couples are condoms. But totally condom-worthy if they weren't, you know, married and such. 
  3. What are you working on? The next set of Happily Bedded Bliss titles. Received, Reclaimed, Required & Rewarded  
  4. What have you Googled for research? Things that could get me in trouble. The usual erotica author fare - sexy texts, porn problems, marriage therapy, date night ideas. Today I had to Google poon to see if I was using the word correctly.   
  5. What do you drink when writing? Depends on the time of day. Coffee, tea, or pinot gris.  
  6. Do you have a writing uniform? At a writing conference last weekend I was told to never tell readers I write in lounge pants and wool socks because they won't take me seriously.  
  7. Where do you write? I am blessed to have an office, and too busy to take advantage of it. I tend to write wherever I can sit down. Or stand. I'm not particular. However, it is difficult to block out a love scene in Chuck E Cheese.
  8. What was the last thing you read? Archetypes by Caroline Myss & Lean In by Cheryl Sandburg. Wow, I need to liven up my reading choices!
  9. Paper, audio, or ebook? I'm an equal opportunity reader. I always have a book going on each.  
  10. Favorite book in the last few months? Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, #2) by Lynda Aicher
  11. Favorite social network? Facebook to interact, Tumblr to enjoy. 
  12. Secret super power? I can make almost any conversation dirty.  
  13. Guilty pleasure? Reality television. Pedicures. Lemon drops.  
Who says a wedding ring puts the freeze on hot sex? Whether making love in a honeymoon suite, a quickie on the kitchen counter, or skinny dipping -  husbands and wives have great sex lives! Jenna Allen is committed to monogamous erotica. For the latest Happily Bedded Bliss news, check out her website, Facebook & Twitter.

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Virtual Book Tour : Broken Fences by Kelly Gendron

Kelly will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour!Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found HERE

Broken Fences (A TroubleMaker Novel~ Book 1)

by Kelly Gendron 


Colden Saint James, Dusty Owens, and a single night of passion had equaled to poor old Mr. McAllister’s broken fence. Add six years, a troublemaking photo, and there’s not a fence in Texas that’s gonna be safe.

It took Dusty Owens two years to land Colden “Saint” James, even if it was for only one night, but the very next day, he was gone. Now, years later, the “Saint” has returned, but he’s no longer the do-gooder rookie cop Dusty remembers.

Dusty Owens always had a way of making every single one of Colden’s man parts go all hard. He’d been so close to falling for the girl before he’d left Odessa. Now, due to a troublemaking photo, Colden must return to his hometown to keep her safe. Trouble is, he’s a different man—not to mention the change. Well, it’s gonna cause all kinds of problems where Dusty Owens and all of his man parts are concerned. 

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Excerpt One:

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kelly resides in a quiet suburb somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY. Her day job? Kelly works in health care representing a group of nursing facilities in the WNY area. She’s been faithfully writing for three years but did write her first book ten years ago. She put it down to raise her son as a single mom and then picked it back up when she and her son finally grew up. That's when she settled into her newly married adult life and started to seriously write again. She's dabbled with Romantic Suspense stories, but recently she's been on an Adult Contemporary Romance kick.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Grab your copy now, I haven't decided how long this will last :)

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The daring lives of husbands and wives.

Erotic romance novelist Cassie is frustrated. Ever since her books started coming out her husband has no interest in sex. With the help of a book of weekly fantasies she's trying to turn his head, but he seems unaffected. But Cassie will let nothing keep her from saving her marriage. Not the lack of a babysitter for date night, her own inhibitions, or Miss Perky Tits.

Caveat - Listen up and keep your eyes open, the neighbors might be into anal play, BDSM & exhibitionism. You wouldn't want to miss it.

You'll race through this, but the images linger; always the sign of a good read! - 5 Kisses, Romance Divas
I loved this funny tale. Cassie tries everything she can think of in order to spice up their sex life and save her marriage. The characters are wonderfully portrayed and the lives believable between these pages. This is a great read from Ms. Allen. I look forward to more from her in the future. - 4 Cups, Coffee Time Romance
A great read! I liked how Cassie realized that the lack of a sex life meant that her marriage needed help, and searched for a solution. Ms. Allen is an author I'll be sure to read again. - Joyfully Reviewed
Jenna Allen does a great job portraying three young wives and their struggles and accomplishments in keeping their marriages interesting and their husbands excited. The sex scenes were vivid and stimulating. Makes you wonder what your neighbors are doing when their lights go out. - Erotic Romance Reviews for Women

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BLURB BLITZ :: Winters Heat by Cristin Harber

Winter’s Heat

by Cristin Harber

After putting her life on the line to protect classified intelligence, military psychologist Mia Kensington is on a cross-country road trip from hell with an intrusive save-the-day hero. Uninterested in his white knight act, she’d rather take her chances without the ruggedly handsome, cold-blooded operative who boasts an alpha complex and too many guns.

Colby Winters, an elite member of The Titan Group, has a single objective on his black ops mission: recover a document important to national security. It was supposed to be an easy in-and-out operation. But now, by any means necessary becomes a survival mantra when he faces off with a stunning woman he can’t leave behind.

When Titan’s safe houses are compromised, Colby stashes Mia at his home, exposing his secret—he’s the adoptive father of an orphaned baby girl. Too soon, danger arrives and Mia lands in the hands of a sadistic cartel king with a taste for torture. As hours bleed into fear-drenched days, Colby races across the globe and through a firestorm of bullets to save the woman he can’t live without.

Excerpt : Colby Winters is running out of a cartel kingpin’s mansion during a gunfight to a waiting Titan team member.

Gunfire surrounded her. Coming for them, shooting away from them. They fired. He fired back. The burnt gunpowder floated behind him, blazing into her nose and eyes. Still, she pushed, moving as he moved, tracing his cross-hatched steps, ducking when he ducked. A shadow behind the man.

She heard a thump. He growled and missed a step but didn’t stop moving. Brilliant red blood sprayed onto her. He didn’t slow. Her legs burned keeping the pace.

They rounded the corner, and he pressed her against the stucco wall. His blood stained her. It painted the wall and covered his hands. Vehicles came their way. Armed men poured from a hole in the perimeter fence like ants from an anthill. Fireballs from the jungle hit the vehicles. Violent explosions sent deadly fireworks into the sky. Rubber and diesel burned hot. Black smoke billowed around the armed men running toward them.

The heat, humidity, and smoke would have slowed a lesser man. So would a gunshot wound. He scanned the vast lawn.

“We have to make it past that hole in the fence. There’s a vehicle waiting for us. We’ve got a sniper in the trees, and two more men on the ground. When you see someone dressed like me, you run like hell toward him. Got it?”

“You’re hurt.” She wanted to run her hands across his skin and stop the bleeding.

He ignored her. “Say it, Mia. Can you do this?”

“I can.” She gave him a strong nod, exacerbating her headache. She didn’t care. Colby was here, and she’d do whatever he needed her to do.

“You got this. Let’s go.”

He gave her a small push in the right direction. Bullets sounded around her. Men ran toward them, guns pointed their way. The shots hit the grass, spitting up dirt, and slapping her face. She tasted blood and grit, and felt the filth in her mouth, which caked her lips and teeth.

White-hot pain rocketed through her. A dizzying flash made her stumble. He grabbed her upright.

“Flesh wound. Keep going,” he shouted above the noise. His teeth were gritted together. He huddled beside her, pulling her. “There’s Jared. Run!”

Another thump. He was hit again, as he shielded her from the rain of artillery. One by one, men advanced toward them and were dropped by a sniper. But as one went down, another appeared.

She heard another bullet hit. Winters dropped to his knee, pulled Mia under him, and cursed violent threats. His sweat and blood coated her. She felt it through the layers of clothing and vests. He scooped her with one arm and crawled behind a statue.

“How bad are you hurt, Colby?”

“Doesn’t matter.” His labored breaths worsened with each passing moment.

“How bad, damn it?”

Winters stopped laboring and laughed. “You’re unreal, you know that?”

Mia glared at him.

“Bad. But I think Kevlar got most of it. Everything heals. I’m not worried. Jared’s twenty yards ahead, picking them off. We have to go for it right now. Or we don’t have a chance. You got it, babe?”

“I can do this.”

“I know you can. Run, baby, run.” He took off at a limped sprint, acting as a barrier from the fire again.

His leg went out from under him. The whiz of bullets went to slow motion, the sound ceased. Mia dropped on bent knees, watching him on the ground.

“Run, goddamn it,” he shouted. His veins popped out of his neck as he fired into the distance.

The world came back, loud and furious. Her legs moved, even though her mind was numb. Jared appeared out of nowhere. He jumped from his perch and snared her with an arm, dragging her into the vehicle.

“Wait. Colby.”

Jared threw the vehicle into gear and spun tires as he tore down the makeshift road. Branches and jungle leaves scratched at the windshield.

Mia launched at Jared, hitting his shoulder.

“Colby’s hurt.” Tears and terror filled her throat. The very depths of her soul ached. Her screech turned to a pleading whisper. “Please. Help him.”

“They were right on your tail. They’ve got him by now.”

Dread ricocheted through her head. All the pain and loss pressed onto her. Suffocating despair ripped her apart. Tears streamed down. Rapid breaths came fast. Too fast. She tried to cut them off but failed. All went black.

Cristin Harber
Romantic Suspense Author:
Higher Stakes. Hotter Action.

MOM. WIFE. AUTHOR. Lover of all things sexy and happily ever after.

I live outside Washington, DC with my family: my husband (who doesn’t mind my collection of book boyfriends), an independent toddler, and an English bulldog named Britta who loves to be a conversation piece. Oh, we have a baby on the way—arriving about the same time as WINTERS HEAT debuts!

I love southern food, listen to country music, am always too hot or too cold, and spend hours reading and writing. I cheer on my University of Louisville Cardinals-GO CARDS! When I’m not pregnant (or nursing), I like a little bourbon or sweet wine. Pregnant or not, I love a lot of chocolate.

I can’t save the world, so instead, I write about those that do. There’s a special place in my heart for those who keep us safe. My Titan series debuts this fall with five titles available in 2013: WINTERS HEAT, GARRISON’S CREED, WESTIN’S CHASE, CHASED, and GAMBLED.

Cristin will be awarding a $25 GC to Victoria’s Secret, and gifted e-copies of the five titles in the series to one randomly drawn commenter during this tour AND the Virtual Super Book Blast tour.

Follow the tour and comment; the more comments, the better chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:

All Romance:

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Happily Bedded Bliss :: Romance Rekindled

The second Happily Bedded Bliss title is available now. I loved writing Romance Rekindled because it is set in Portland, which I love so much.

Is it the end, or a new beginning?

Jess and Scott haven't had a conversation in month that didn't end in a fight. Making up is fun, but the clock is ticking on their marriage. Is a cross-country move the cause of their problems, or the solution?

Careful :: Contains initiation into the mile-high club, a bit of exhibitionism, temptation, trust, and a heart-wrenching choice.

Ready for an excerpt?

The hum of the engines echoed in my ear. I never could sleep for long on planes. Maybe if I kept my eyes closed they wouldn’t be too puffy. I snuggled deeper into the pillow, only then noticing where my body had turned.
I peeked up at Scott’s sleeping face, his dark lashes fanning against his cheek. We hadn’t slept this close since before I found out he sold the apartment. Up until then I hadn’t been happy about the thought of moving, but I’d open to the possibility. Then the phone call came and the rug had literally been pulled out from under me. We were going, and to drive the point home, he’d sold ours.
It had been an amazing offer, and if we’d already agreed to the move, I would have been happy about it. As the days passed and moving became imminent it seemed silly to still be angry. I knew everything I held inside I wouldn’t be able to get over, so I let it out.
It was a New York problem. If Portland was to be a fresh start, I needed to leave it there, with the stack of delivery menus and perfect bagels.
I snuggled deeper into Scott, my head on his shoulder, lifting one of my legs across his. And then I realized just where my hand was. On the fly of his slacks. If there hadn’t been a blanket covering us, I might have been mortified. Instead, I was simply embarrassed and moved my hand back to my own leg.
“Now don’t do that,” Scott whispered against my hair, his warm fingers wrapping around my wrist and pulling my hand back to him. “I need to be reminded there are parts of me you like.”

Read on...

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