Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoroughly Compromised!

Compromising Positions releases today!

Falling in love is the last thing on his busy agenda…but compromising positions can lead just about anywhere.

David Strong knows how to do a lot of things—run an international fitness company, finesse stock portfolios and stay out of emotional entanglements. That is, until he gets tangled up with Sophie Delfino and her Sensational Sex workout. He’s supposed to help her demonstrate Kama Sutra positions for her couples’ yoga class. The rigorous postures require more than just physical control. And his co-instructor unexpectedly tests his control to the limit.

Sophie’s been fantasizing about David since her teens, but she never dreamed she’d actually be expected to run through her intimate desires—with an audience! The class is very professional, tame even—or it would be, if she’d been in any of the positions before. But she hasn’t—except in her wildest fantasies about David. Sophie knows she wants David in every way, and she’s flexible enough to use whatever she has to get him.

David can’t afford any unexpected distractions. Besides the sensual positions he has to endure without embarrassing himself in public, there’s an embezzler stealing from his company. And then there’s Sophie—who is well on her way to stealing his well-guarded heart.

Warning: This is one exercise program you won’t need to consult your doctor before beginning…unless he’s hot and available for house calls. The Kama Sutra isn’t for the prudish or faint of heart, and neither is this story.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jenna Allen News!

Yes, it's been a long time, but I have some!

Daisy is getting a new cover. No more generic cartoon people :)

and...I have a new release coming! Starting Over is coming in May from Phaze's Urban line. Joining the mile high club, sexy temptations, and reigniting a marriage gone cold...all while exploring Portland.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soul Stealer by Kimberley Troutte

“Soul Stealer” by Kimberley Troutte

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ISBN: 978-1-60504-473-6
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: March 17, 2009
Cover art by Angie Waters

When Death falls in love with a saint, there’s holy hell to pay.

Sara Lane expects to die young, but when the time comes, she’s not ready. She needs two more weeks to finish a homeless shelter before winter sets in and people die on the streets. Who does a girl have to sleep with to live a few extra days?

How about the sexiest, most dangerous of all bad boys—Death himself?

Cain’s job as a designated death dealer is clear. Kill and move on. Don’t get attached. Don’t feel. But when Sara pleads to cut a deal for more time, Cain is tempted by an unexpected craving for this beautiful, courageous woman. As their lips meet, her life force shakes him to his bones, seals the bargain—and breaks all the rules.

Keeping Sara alive is a dangerous proposition. The Powers That Be are furious and unleash bloodthirsty demons to steal Sara’s soul from Death—the one man who’s hell-bent on saving her life.

Warning: This book contains the sexiest of all bad boys, a woman desperate to get what she wants, deadly soul-sucking demons, surprise visits by Biblical characters, frog grenades, very bad dogs, sacrifice, redemption and eternal love.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Read An Ebook week

In celebration of Read an eBook Week, Phaze is offering up a bundle of goodies!

Readers can get a free download of the short story, Maneuvers by Leigh Ellwood!

When Chuck DuClay is sent to an Army base in Africa for a year-long deployment, he wonders how he'll survive the lack of female companionship. Other soldiers on base offer alternatives, but Chuck finds his overactive imagination is helpful as he conjures the woman he left behind...rather the woman who left him.

But is Rita a mirage, an actual person, or something else?

Also as a special offer, free through March 14th, get Phaze Books' very first release for free! That's right! Devi Sparks' Romantic Times Top Pick fantasy novel, Fairy Godlover, is now available for free for a limited time.

Phaze Books offers a wide selection of free erotic short stories in addition to their regular catalog. You can catch up on all the free Valentine reads launched in February!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Read An Ebook week

Free Maneuvers for Read an EBook Week
Maneuvers is a HeatSheet length paranormal by our Leigh Ellwood, and it’s yours for the taking! It’s all in celebration of Read an eBook Week, coming March 8th.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Coming Together At The Starlight Lounge

For the second 2010 Coming Together volume, The Starlight Lounge is hosting a poll, asking readers/authors to vote on the theme. There are five choices:

Through Time (Time Travel stories)
Off World (Fantasy stories)
By Hand (Masturbation stories)
As One (Menage stories)
On Stage (Exhibitionism/Voyeurism)

A winner will be drawn from the voters to receive a gift from The Republic of Tea. Voting ends midnight on the 15th and we'll announce the winning theme afterward.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Crystal Jordan Goes WILD...


Marra's body burned with desire. It was Wild time, the first week of spring, when Lynx from all over North America gathered in the Sierra Nevada foothills to mate. The time when every Lynx female went into heat.

But Wild is bittersweet for Marra. She's past the age when most Lynx find their mate. She only comes to Wild for sex and always leaves as she came: alone.

Yet this year is different. A new male Lynx has come to Wild, a foreigner who will claim her in ways she only imagined...

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