Sunday, June 22, 2014

RomCon 14 :: Traveling With Peter, Day One

Most of the time, I attend conferences as Jenna Bayley-Burke. She's paying the bills, so she gets top billing. Fair enough, for now. But at RomCon I decided to just be Jenna, in whatever persuasion worked best at the moment - sexy contemporaries as Bayley-Burke or monogamous erotica as Allen.

And I may be biased, but Jenna Allen seemed to be the more popular of the two. Maybe because Romance Rekindled was nominated for a Readers Crown Award. Probably because of travelling companion, Peter.

Peter was a gift from the lovely Lynda Aicher, who imported 100 of his closest relatives for the Chocolate Mangasm event. I had to talk her into letting him travel in style with us, instead of in the luggage like his family. Hey, when you're used to freight class, Southwest Airlines seems like a G6.

He was much happier once we arrived in Denver and he could let it all hang out in our hotel room. So was Lynda. I think she spent the flight from Portland thinking he would make an appearance on the seat-back tray. I'll admit, I thought about it.

For everyone following the #RomCon14 hashtag on Twitter, Peter announced himself with "Denver, I am in you." He became an instant celebrity. At least with the crowd at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Peter checked out the RomCon swag table before heading to dinner. He found his Halloween costume  - "The doctor will see you now."

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