Thursday, June 26, 2014

RomCon 14 :: Traveling with Peter, Day 3

After pimping the Chocolate Mangasm event everywhere he went, Peter will never be the same. He was broken up about missing Mimosa Madness on Saturday morning, but really, the guy obviously needed the break from being penis paraphernalia.

Peter supervised as Lynda Aicher and I prepped for our very busy day. I mean, this was work people. Lynda organized a family reunion for 99 of Peter's relatives. Two cousins got an extra special invited to play CandyMan that afternoon, while the rest of the pricks were packed into their luxury accommodations, ready for their coming out party at Chocolate Mangasm that night.

We packed Peter and poor, neglected Paul into the same hole in my rolling bag, and headed off to CandyMan. It's like Candyland...only with book covers. And colored condoms instead of gingerbread people. To keep Team Hot Button (the table group Lynda & I decided had to be our friends. They had no hope of escape from us) interested, we placed the tiny liquor bottles Peter procured from his field trip atop our book covers as an added bonus for landing on Desire Renewed or Bonds of Courage. Yes, we turned Candyland into a drinking game. Our superpowers transcend reality.

The cousins were slipped into the gift bags we raffled off. The winners seemed overjoyed to meet their new companion. I suggested they be named Pacey or Patrick in honor of my fave Dawson's Creek and General Hospital characters.

After the game, we helped set up for the Chocolate Mangasm event. Or maybe we just wanted to stop dragging around a suitcase filled with a hundred pounds of peckers. The other participating authors got their bushwhacker a little early since they'd be manning their own game table. (Naught scrabble, anyone?)

In a last ditch effort to get rid of every last perpendicular pickle, we went to the Stick Horses in Pants Improv show. And of course when they wanted suggestions from the audience, Peter stepped up to bat. He starred in one skit as Sister Mary Joseph's priceless relic. He ended up in handcuffs. This cat sure gets around!

With everyone in a post-comedy show glow, Chocolate Mangasm got off with a bang. At our table, we invited guests to claim their cock by dressing him in a condom...without using your hands. There were special prizes for style -- gift cards for particularly happy handjobs and bullets for those who had no trouble with their blow pop.

Thank goodness there was a bar. There is no way we would have unloaded every single swizzle stick without it! I'm just glad no one mistook Peter for a Twinkie and dipped him in the fondue!

I had a great time at RomCon - I just hope readers remember Happily Bedded Bliss, and not just Peter!

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