Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday 13

I'm totally stealing this idea from Robin. Why not? I check Google constantly in the hopes that someone...anyone...has had time to review On Again. I think all the reviewers are on vacation!

Thirteen Things Jenna feels
  1. Jenna feels torn about her future
  2. Jenna feels terrific about her new hairdo
  3. Jenna feels a whole swarm of old memories bubble up inside her. (uh-oh...get the Pepto)
  4. Jenna feels that her adventurous artistic sensibility is a reflection of the diverse ethnic, cultural, and creative atmosphere in which she grew up.
  5. Jenna feels the passage of wind in front of her face (who was I standing behind! How rude!)
  6. Jenna feels smart, successful, and sexy
  7. Jenna feels compelled to obey the strange voice, to desert her fellows in order to go on a long quest (who told Google about my soft serve ice cream obsession? Hmmm? Who?)
  8. Jenna feels the time for romance has almost past her by. (No. Hubba Bubba is not getting off that easy. Sorry dude. Bring on the flowers.)
  9. Jenna feels confident that she is well prepared for whatever life. may bring to her.
  10. Jenna feels ready for anything
  11. Jenna feels people blame editing as an excuse for bad behavior.
  12. Jenna feels the need for auto-erotic manipulation (see...having the same name as the internets most famous porn star can get you into a bit of trouble)
  13. Jenna feels horrid to say this but she is literally falling asleep on her keyboard

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Shelli Stevens said...

Good list... now I have to confess I have no idea who you really are!! An alias? How'd I miss this. Out yourself!! To me at least :) Or remind me and I can say DUH!

Heather said...

These lists are always so funny. Good one, Jenna!