Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday 13 -- #1

Thirteen Things that happened this week

1…. ON AGAIN went up on FictionWise!

2…. Sent out more review requests...everyone seems to be backed up.

3…. Came up with a title idea for my Urban Phaze - Oregon Orgasmic. It's set in Portland.

4…. We got the proofs on Phaze in Verse. Very exciting.

5…. My alter ego is starting a category romance set in odds are...Jenna Allen will get to set something there for Phaze as well. Multi-tasking my research.

6…. Made a schedule for writing the rest of the year...but now I have to re-do it because of Hubba Bubba stuff. Don't you love life?

7…. Took Rose Colored Glasses' Write 50 Books A Year class.

8…. Sent an On Again except to eCataRomance

9…. Prowled Yahell groups...are there any readers on those, or are they all authors posting excerpts?

10…. Took the kids to swimming and tennis

11…. Got signed up for a sleep study to see if it explains why I am so tired...

12…. READ!

13…. Did my first Thursday 13!

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Christine d'Abo said...

Welcome to TT! I did a lot of reading myself this week. I got through all of J.R. Ward's books and am now twitching for book 5!

I even managed to squeeze a little writing in, which is good. :)

Elle Fredrix said...

So I want to know if you are travelling to Hawaii--for research purposes.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Welcome to TT! Wow, write 50 books a year? I can't even read that many.

Paige Tyler said...

Welcome to TT! Great list!


My TT is at

Diana Castilleja said...

I feel for you on #9. I've wondered that so often... I know/hope the readers come back after summer... Please come back!! LOLOL

Congrats on all the great accomplishments for the week. I'll just keep my sniveling self over here in my corner now... :)

Gina Ardito said...

Yowza! You're a busy girl...

Robin L. Rotham said...

Sounds like a busy week! And congrats on your first TT!

Tempest Knight said...

Congrats on your first T13! Hm... Write 50 books a year? Man, I'd have to quit my job to do that. Hehehe!