Monday, September 03, 2007

SOUL'S KIN by RaeLynn Blue

Let RaeLynn Blue's SOUL'S KIN spice up and show you a new frontier! RaeLynn Blue's latest title is a Froniter HeatSheet title, SOUL'S KIN, is available now.

When the daughter of a great chief, Leela is forced to marry a
man she doesn't even know, much less love, her heart breaks into
pieces. To her comfort, her lover, Kunal, vows to be with her always.
Leela can't believe such talk and dismisses it as a brief bout of
insanity, until on her wedding night a coyote appears to her and
howls pangs of great loss.

Kunal won't stand by and watch the woman he loves become anchored to
someone else. He's willing to do whatever it takes, regardless of how
painful, to join with his Soul's Kin.

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