Saturday, February 09, 2008

4 Stars from eCataRomance Sensual

Insightful and frequently moving, ON AGAIN will touch readers with its powerful message of hope and desire.

"By creating vividly drawn characters and a challenging situation, Jenna Allen has written a poignant story filled with issues which require much deliberation. As part of the Phaze Force series, ON AGAIN is about a vice cop and the problems his career brings into his marriage. This story is very lifelike as it clearly shows how a couple must occasionally face difficult concerns during their marriage, often resulting in complex and sometimes unwanted decisions. Ms. Allen takes Kayla and Paul on a journey of discovery, as they each look deep within themselves to reveal exactly what they want in life. With affecting moments and intense emotions between this couple, their scenes let readers get a feel for exactly how they are thinking at a particular time. The reactions of Kayla and Paul are also genuine, as each one is packed with heartfelt expectations and wishes. ON AGAIN is thought-provoking while telling a realistic story of the heartbreaks and joys of love." eCataRomance is official...I am in love with this review :)

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