Friday, April 20, 2007

The FORCE is with me!

Coming this July...

On Again by Jenna Allen

When do you give up on love? How do you get back what you once had?

The hardest thing Kayla Bentley ever had to do was recognize her husband had checked out of their marriage and asking him for a divorce. She loves him, but would be apart than be forgotten.

Paul Bentley couldn’t stand when his drug counselor wife would testify on behalf of addicts he’d arrested. The anger festered until he saw them on opposite sides of the same war. It’s not until he finds a way off the vice squad that he realizes there is a way for them to save their shattered marriage.

Yes, you saw that right! I have another release from Phaze, this one was part of their themed HeatSheet line, Force. Force is their salute to the men and women who serve and protect, and lay their lives on the line that we may live in freedom. Keeping with that theme, Paul Bentley is a cop who's job has driven a wedge through his marriage.

I am so excited to be back in the Phaze line-up!

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